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In my wanderings, I found plenty of purple cone flowers ¥ What are sheets and pillow cases?From coast to coast, children are organizing recycling programs in their schools and neighborhoods, separating their trash, and sending bottles, cans, newspapers, and yard waste to their local recycling centers.

More Pennsylvania high school students are taking environmental education classes than physics.. Indeed, any comprehensive science program for primary and secondary schools ought to include discussions of the food chain, the life cycles of various species, and the fundamentals of meteorology.. Unfortunately, much of what is taught to children is simple-minded and inaccurate.

Even the federal government is actively involved In 1990 President Bush signed the National Environmental Education Act, appropriating $65 million over five years to set up in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) an Office of Environmental Education that serves as a clearinghouse for green educational materials.. Using nature trails and camping in the wilderness can be valuable educational experiences, particularly if children are taught to understand what they are seeing.. ' This sentiment is echoed in the EPA's Let's Reduce and Recycle: Curriculum for Solid Waste Awareness, where children in grades K-6 are told that recycling reduces pollution and saves natural resources, energy, money, and landfill space.. While recycling is often a sensible means of disposing solid waste, it is not so clear that recycling is always of benefit to the planet.

Most classroom environmental information, including most that is listed at the EPA clearinghouse, comes from literature and teaching guides drafted and distributed by the major environmental groups.

Various environmental groups, as well as the EPA through its 'Recycle Today! ' campaign, actively promote recycling as a means to 'help stamp out the Garbage Gremlin.. These materials include everything from the World Wildlife Fund's 'Vanishing Rain Forests Education Kit' and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's 'What I Can Do To Save the Bay,' to the Acid Rain Foundation's curriculum, 'Air Pollutants and Trees,' and the Sierra Club educational newsletter, 'Sierraecology.. Some have called it 'Eco-Kid Power,' while to others it is the 'Newest Parental Nightmare.. ' Animated characters such as Henry Cycle and Captain Planet sell the practice to elementary school children.. ' The latest craze sweeping this nation's youth is environmental consciousness, due in no small part to the spread of ecological issues into the classroom.. 'Similar material is targeted to children at home, including 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do To Save the Earth, which has sold nearly a million copies, and TV's popular 'Captain Planet and the Planeteers,' not to mention the recent feature-length film FernGully. 5ebbf469cd